Basic instructions

Here are some basic instructions to get you brewing with a fresh wort kit.

  1. Sanitise a clean fermenter and mixing spoon. Spray or splash sanitiser around the cap on the drum.
    Use a no-rinse sanitiser. I advise against using chlorine based products such as bleach or the pink powder because if you don’t rinse extensively chlorine residues will taint the beer.
  2. Open the drum and pour the wort into the fermenter. Hold the drum on its side, you will get a much smoother pour.
  3. Add three litres of plain water to bring up the volume to 20 litres. Tap water is fine if you drink it as is. Stir to mix the wort and water.
  4. Spray the sachet of yeast and a pair of scissors with sanitiser. Cut open the sachet and spread the yeast evenly over the entire surface of the wort. Put on the lid, and fit an airlock.
  5. Next, take a hydrometer reading. It should be around 1046. Fermentation should take 5 to 10 days depending on the conditions, type of yeast etc. Expect a final gravity of around 1010-1012.
  6. When fermentation is complete, allow the beer to rest for two or three days more before packaging.