Pub classic

Description: My take on the classic pub style draught beer: big strong malt character with a touch of caramel sweetness followed up with a firm bitterness.

Malts: Pilsner, ale and pale crystal

Mash temperature: 66°C

Hopping: 29 IBU, Pride of Ringwood and East Kent Goldings

Recommended yeast: As an ale either Safale US-05 or Lallemand Nottingham. As a lager, any of the Saflager strains or similar.

Modifications: Dry hopping not necessary, but you could add 1 – 2 grams per litre of either Pride of Ringwood or East Kent Goldings.

This beer can be Englished up. Bomb it with East Kent Goldings at 3 – 5 grams per litre and ferment with an aromatic English yeast. Amongst dried yeasts, the Mangrove Jack New World Strong is a good choice.