Why fresh wort kits?

Covid 19 update – March 31
There are plenty of wort kits in production, numbers are good. However, because of high demand variety might be a bit limited. There might also be small delays in re-supplying retailers.

Why brew fresh wort kits? Simple answer, because they are better. A beer brewed from a fresh wort kit will always taste better than one brewed from a concentrate.
It is just a consequence of how beer concentrates are made. A wort is brewed, and then passed through a vacuum evaporator to concentrate it. About 80% of the water is boiled off. As a result the malt flavours and hop character suffer, especially with pale and more delicate beer styles. Plus, a wort kit is just so much easier to make up.

On this website you will find:

  • detailed information about each wort kit,
  • general information about how we make our wort kits (coming),
  • basic and advanced instructions,
  • FAQs
  • suggestions on how to hot-rod your fresh wort kit, and
  • stockist information.

If you have never tried a fresh wort kit, try one because they will change the way you think about the beer you brew. With a fresh wort kit, you will enjoy beer as it is meant to be.